Work Anywhere with the Mobile Apps.

Bill your OHIP claims wherever you are.
With the mobile apps you can easily bill at point of care, and
be able to take care of your claims anywhere - from hospital to coffee shop.

**New and improved iOS version now available! **

Sticker-to-Text: Snap Patient Demographics On the Go

Sticker-to-Text is an easy-to-use feature that automatically transcribes patient demographic information from hospital stickers. Simply snap the 10-digit health card number and our optical character recognition (OCR) and Health Card Validation (HCV) will take care of the rest.

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Say Goodbye to Paper Billing Sheets

Running around the hospital or clinic locations? Our virtual billing sheet has the commonly used service and diagnosis codes. You can configure our app to the codes to meet your medical practice. Don’t remember the code? search for it easily, or use our configurable alias to help you remember the codes.

If you prefer, you can use the mobile app solely for capturing the patient information and then create claims using a desktop computer using a full keyboard.

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Stay on Top of Your Claims

Our mobile app is a full feature version of the web portal. We support all medical specialties. Submit your OHIP claims faster, know instantly when a claim is rejected or paid so you can always stay on top of your practice.

Seeing the same patient repeatedly? Create a Patient List when rounding or following a patient over a period of time.

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Always Be in Sync stays in sync across the desktop and mobile apps so you can work on whatever device you’d prefer without missing any important information. No internet connection? Our mobile app works offline. We use data encryption for data in transit and at rest, so your information is always safe!

All the Powerful Features of the App

  • Create and submit OHIP claims faster
  • Snap the patient health card number
  • Stay on top of big value claims
  • Create a Patient List
  • Data synced across all devices
  • Work offline – create claims when there is no Internet connection
  • Watch the videos: Create claims; Edit Claims; Manage Patient Lists;

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*new and improved version for iOS available now!*

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