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2021 MSP Close-off & Remittance Schedule

How do MSP close-off dates work?

The ministry follows a semi-monthly schedule for processing MSP claims submitted by physicians. Submissions that are received by the close-off date will typically be processed for approval on the next remittance statement.

When practitioners are preparing to submit their claims to MSP, it is important to note the MSP-designated holidays (noted below) and close-off dates as they impact claims submission. Designated holidays impact certain claims such as the Out-of-Office Hours Premiums fee items while close-off dates are the designated semi-monthly close-offs for claims submission through Teleplan.

What are the MSP close-off & remittance dates for 2021?

This month your claims are due and will be remitted on:


thu02sepAll DayMSP Close-Off Date

mon13sepAll DayMSP Remittance Available

mon20sepAll DayMSP Close-Off Date

tue28sepAll DayMSP Remittance Available

2021 MSP close-off & remittance dates

Below is the calendar for the rest of 2021 including payment dates.

MSP Close-off DateRemittancePayment
Jan. 5th, 2021Jan. 13thJan. 15th
Jan. 19th, 2021Jan. 27thJan. 29th
Feb. 2nd, 2021Feb. 10thFeb. 12th
Feb. 16th, 2021Feb. 24thFeb. 26th
Mar. 3rd, 2021Mar. 11thMar. 15th
Mar. 19th, 2021Mar. 29thMar. 31st
Apr. 1st, 2021Apr. 13thApr. 15th
Apr. 20th, 2021Apr. 28thApr. 30th
May 4th, 2021May. 12thMay. 14th
May 18th, 2021May 27thMay 31st
Jun. 3rd, 2021Jun. 11thJun. 15th
Jun. 18th, 2021Jun. 28thJun. 30th
Jul. 5th, 2021Jul. 13thJul. 15th
Jul. 20th, 2021Jul. 28thJul. 30th
Aug. 3rd, 2021Aug. 11thAug. 13th
Aug. 19th, 2021Aug. 27thAug. 31st
Sept. 2nd, 2021Sept. 13thSept. 15th
Sept. 20th, 2021Sept. 28thSept. 30th
Oct. 4th, 2021Oct. 13thOct. 15th
Oct. 19th, 2021Oct. 27thOct. 29th
Nov. 2nd, 2021Nov. 10thNov. 15th
Nov. 18th, 2021Nov. 26thNov. 30th
Dec. 3rd, 2021Dec. 13thDec. 15th
Dec. 17th, 2021Dec. 29thDec. 31st

MSP Designated Holidays

Jan. 1, 2021New Year’s DayFriday
Feb. 15, 2021B.C. Family DayMonday
Apr. 2, 2021Good FridayFriday
Apr. 5, 2021Easter MondayMonday
May 24, 2021Victoria DayMonday
Jul. 1, 2021Canada DayThursday
Aug. 2, 2021B.C. DayMonday
Sept. 6, 2021Labour DayMonday
Oct. 11, 2021Thanksgiving DayMonday
Nov. 11, 2021Remembrance DayThursday
Dec. 27, 2021Christmas Day (in lieu)Monday
Dec. 28, 2021Boxing Day (in-lieu)Tuesday

When should I submit claims in your system to ensure they will be transmitted by the deadline?

We recommend that you submit all your claims by the day before the close-off date to guarantee the claims are transmitted by the deadline.

When will I be paid if I submit billings by the close-off dates?

Remittances are typically posted 7-10 days after the cut-off date. Payments go out a few days after. Payments will be directly deposited into your bank account by the Ministry on the next payment date after the close-off date. Check the calendar above for the exact dates.

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