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We work with hospitals and physician groups to integrate processes and grow revenue.

MDBilling.caTM is used by these Ontario hospitals

Hamilton Health Sciences
Lakeridge Health
London Health Science Centre
St Joseph's Health Centre Foundation
Sunny Brook Health Science Centre

The difference

A strategic partner

We adapt to the needs and nuances of health systems and physician groups, offering insights and roadmaps that improves revenue, process, and financial sustainability.

Enabling technology

Our cloud-based platform integrates with your clinical and organizational data, turning it into an optimized workflow that helps clinicians save time, earn more™

Operational expertise

With over 10 years of experience, operates along with you, guiding and optimizing billing claims, while providing you visibility of important metrics.

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Our physician billing platform for hospitals

Reliability for your organization

Visibility & management

From financial reports to billing features, you have granular control over what each user can see. Everyone gets their own credentials that can be protected with two factor authentication by default.

Efficient billing, everytime uses an advanced rules-based engine that reduces errors, makes claims more accurate and saves doctors’ time allowing your team to provide better patient care and more dependable budgets.

Collaborate effortlessly

Keep your entire department on the same page. Reliable integrations with your organizational data helps doctors eliminate billing inefficiencies.

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Manage teams efficiently

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Gain insights into your teams’ billing

Want to know which department is doing the most billing? How about ensuring that doctors have submitted a claim for all patient encounters? includes reports built specifically for hospital administrators to help assess earnings and ROI.

Help departments grow provides you with the ability to see which departments are exceeding billing benchmarks. And, when a doctor or group is falling behind we can send tips and reminders to help every team stay on track.

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Enterprise security

Safe custodian of data protects your files and data from end-to-end with tough, 256-bit SSL encryption. The same level of security as your bank.

When privacy is paramount

We have completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA). In addition, all data is stored in a secure Ontario facility. All of this because we believe health information must remain secure.

Enable two factor authentication

Two factor authentication (2FA) requires two pieces of identity before allowing you to sign in to your account. This increases the security of your account. All versions of our software can be configured with 2FA.

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How it works

How to get the medical billing platform in your hospital

Step 1 – Get a free consultation

Give us a call or fill out our form to set up a meeting with our team. This call will be used to help understand your needs and specific requirements.

Step 2 – Privacy and IT Discussion

We work closely with your IT department and privacy leaders to discuss your unique requirement and share how protects your data and privacy. This is followed by a high-level implementation plan.

Step 3 – Detailed plan & approval

Emphasizing security and privacy, we create a detailed implementation plan that includes all of your technical requirements. The plan is reviewed and approved by your IT team, privacy leaders and department heads.

Step 4 – Implement and migrate

Based on the approved implementation plan, we seamlessly and securely connect to your systems which allows for collaboration between all doctors on

Doctors and hospitals love

I love the FAVOURITES feature that allows me to personalize my commonly billed service codes. It only takes two clicks to bill a service code. The TIME UNIT CALCULATOR saves me time and helps me reduce mistakes. I already have the start & end time, so I only need to enter that information. The software calculates the time plus basic units for me… a huge time saver!
Dr C Goure uses
-Dr. C. Goure, Anesthetist, Hospital Montfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Does work on Windows or MAC? is a cloud-based platform that works with any device or operating system that has an internet connection.

Can you link our hospital EMR software?

We have experience integrating with numerous hospital EMR technologies. We will work with your hospital IT department to develop any customization.

What kind of reports do you provide?

We provide numerous reports including customized key performance indicators depending on your business needs.

Can you also give me an estimate of the cost?

To get a better estimate of costs please schedule a call.

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