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You didn’t go into medicine to manage mindless, time-consuming administrative tasks like submitting OHIP claims. Luckily, we did. We seek out and remove obstacles in your billing workflow with smart automation and experienced billing agents. So while you save patients’ lives, we’ll help you save time, earn more®.
MDBilling.caTM is trusted by hospitals all over Ontario
St Joseph's Health Centre Foundation
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Simply earn more…


Get it right the first time

Hundreds of rules in our Clinical Logic engine help prevent thousands of claims from being rejected each year.


Discover where you earn the most

Easy to use reports allow you to see when and where you earn the most with the least amount of time.


Solve complex issues quickly

With over ten years of experience, our dedicated billing agents can help you find a solution to complex billing situations quickly.

Up to


Increase in revenue
Based on past customer performance

…In less time

Up to


Fewer hours spent billing
Based on past customer performance

Customize to your workflow

Whether you bill daily, weekly or monthly, from a clinic, on rounds or the OR, MDBilling.ca is the most customizable platform that can be fine tuned to your practice.


Automate the boring stuff

Just because we love medical billing doesn't mean you have to. We've automated tedious tasks like RA form fills, health card validation, and billing on multiple days so you can spend more time treating patients.


One less thing to look up

Using advanced knowledge of the Schedule of Benefits and our vast pool of accepted claims, our auto codes feature will select the right service code for you so you don't need to look it up.

Let’s talk about health data

We developed MDBilling.ca as a secure and safe place to manage medical billing records. Your data is protected on our system, whether at rest or in transit, through people, processes and technology. This includes bank-level encryption, two-factor authentications and ongoing training of our employees. To this, we’ve even enlisted a third party to complete a PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) and TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) to ensure we exceed safety standards. 

In addition to keeping your data safe and secure, we also value yours and your patient’s privacy. We will never monetize your data or try to sell you other products using your data. We do this because we want to focus on building a better medical billing platform for you.

Your complete medical billing platform


Fully transparent

Everything you need to get started with MDBilling.ca is included when you sign up. There are no hidden costs or add-ons. Simply sign in and start billing.


Includes a billing agent in your pocket

Your account is in sync on all devices so you can work from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone allowing you can work while on the go.


And robust support

We have the most extensive online knowledge base (and a 95% satisfaction rating). Included in your account is free technical support and if you have a tricky billing situation we have ad-hoc services to help.



Customer Satisfaction

Based on survey results from Full and Self Service customers

Physicians love MDBilling.ca

I love the FAVOURITES feature that allows me to personalize my commonly billed service codes. It only takes two clicks to bill a service code. The TIME UNIT CALCULATOR saves me time and helps me reduce mistakes. I already have the start & end time, so I only need to enter that information. The software calculates the time plus basic units for me… a huge time saver!
Dr C Goure uses MDBilling.ca
-Dr. C. Goure, Anesthetist, Hospital Montfort

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