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What is MDBilling.caTM?

MDBilling.caTM is a secure, web-based medical billing software. Its industry-leading design is simple to use and is the only OHIP billing software with Clinical Logic that uses the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) Schedule of Benefits to help you optimize claims to prevent rejections and maximize your revenue.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Based on survey results from Full and Self Service customers

How Does MDBilling.caTM Work?

We created MDBilling.caTM to make your life as a doctor easier. You can create a claim in 30 seconds with two steps.

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Customer Satisfaction

Doctors and Billing Agents Love our OHIP Billing Software

The remittance reports are fantastic. This feature has saved me tons of time and gives me peace of mind knowing that I got paid what I was supposed to get for every patient.
- Dr. S. Shapera, Toronto
I've been so happy with this software application. The name completion feature for both patients and physicians means that repeat visits in clinics are billed in the blink of an eye.
- Mitzi, Medical Billing Agent, Toronto.
I love the FAVOURITES feature that allows me to personalize my commonly billed service codes. It only takes two clicks to bill a service code. The TIME UNIT CALCULATOR saves me time and helps me reduce mistakes. I already have the start & end time, so I only need to enter that information. The software calculates the time plus basic units for me… a huge time saver!
- Dr. C. Goure, Anesthetist, Hospital Montfort
It is very convenient to use my Apple MAC after the OR to finish my billings. All the referring physician information is at my fingertips, saving me time from looking it up in the Hospital’s system.
- Dr. M. Kapala, Anesthetist, Trillium Health Partners
I love how easy it is to attach a premium code to one or multiple parent service codes using your interface. It is also easy to input diagnostic codes by just typing in the diagnoses and the system offers relevant diagnostic codes
- Dr. Y. Kirkham, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

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How Much Does OHIP Billing Software Cost?

Pay Only When YOU Get Paid.
flat fee 0.25%*
capped at $600/YR**
*Maximum fee for self-serve clients
**Free trial up to $15,000 or 60-days, no credit card required.