2021 OHIP Cut-off Dates & MCEDT Submission Deadlines

How do OHIP cutoff dates work?

The ministry follows a monthly schedule for processing OHIP claims submitted by physicians. Submissions that are received by the 18th of the month will typically be processed for approval the following month. If the 18th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is moved to the next business day. In December the submission deadline is earlier due to holidays. It’s typically the 13th of December.

What are the OHIP cutoff dates for 2021?

january 2021

fri15janAll DayOHIP Payment Date For January

mon18janAll DayJanuary OHIP Cut-Off Date

february 2021

fri12febAll DayOHIP Payment Date For February

thu18febAll DayFebruary OHIP Cut-Off Date

march 2021

fri12marAll DayOHIP Payment Date For March

thu18marAll DayMarch OHIP Cut-Off Date

april 2021

thu15aprAll DayOHIP Payment Date For April

mon19aprAll DayApril OHIP Cut-Off Date

may 2021

fri14mayAll DayOHIP Payment Date For May

tue18mayAll DayMay OHIP Cut-Off Date

june 2021

mon14junAll DayOHIP Payment Date For June

fri18junAll DayJune OHIP Cut-Off Date

july 2021

thu15julAll DayOHIP Payment Date For July

mon19julAll DayJuly OHIP Cut-Off Date

august 2021

mon16augAll DayOHIP Payment Date For August

wed18augAll DayAugust OHIP Cut-Off Date

september 2021

wed15sepAll DayOHIP Payment Date For September

mon20sepAll DaySeptember OHIP Cut-Off Date

october 2021

fri15octAll DayOHIP Payment Date For October

mon18octAll DayOctober OHIP Cut-Off Date

november 2021

fri12novAll DayOHIP Payment Date For November

thu18novAll DayNovember OHIP Cut-Off Date

december 2021

fri10decAll DayDecember OHIP Cut-Off Date

tue14decAll DayOHIP Payment Date For December

I’m new to medical billing, where do I start?

We’ve created a learn basic OHIP billing guide for new doctors. In the guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of medical billing along with cheat sheets for top medical specialties.

When should I submit claims in your system to ensure they will be transmitted by the deadline?

We recommenda that you submit all your claims on the day before the cut-off date to guarantee the claims are transmitted to the MoH before the deadline.

When will I be paid if I submit billings by the cut-off dates?

Payments will be directly deposited into your bank account by the MoH on the 10th business day of the following month. For example, the claims you submitted by March 18 that are approved will be paid on April 14. Here are the expected payment dates for the rest of the year.

What’s the best way to manage my OHIP claims?

Creating a weekly routine is an ideal way to manage your claims. Each week of the month you’ll want to focus on specific aspects of the billing cycle as this will help you get paid on time and reduce stale-dated claims.

OHIP billing cycle and payment dates
1Your payment reports arrive early this week. Go into MDBilling.ca, download your reports and reconcile. You may need to resubmit claims, follow up with patients, etc. For more guidance, check out our DIY reconciliation manual.
2You should try and keep up with claims submissions daily. But if you have a backlog, spend this week submitting claims so that you can submit as many as possible prior to the 18th.
318th of every month: OHIP submission deadline. Everything submitted up until this point will be processed in the current payment cycle. And will show up in MDBilling.ca’s “Claims Summary Payment” for next month. All claims processed after this date will show in next month’s “Unprocessed Report” for next month. Continue submitting claims, reconciling any missing pieces from the last month.
4This week is your catch-up time. You’ll be getting rejections on an ongoing basis. (approximately 2 business days from submission) and you will get a notification by email. Aim to try to fix these rejections every week, but if you have a backlog, try to finish dealing with them this week. For more guidance, check out our OHIP error code library.

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