A medical billing solution created to help billing agents save time, earn more.

MDBilling.caTM is the all-in-one billing software for billing agents. We give you the tools to optimize and grow your business.
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Chatham Kent Health Alliance
London Health Science Centre
St Joseph's Health Centre Foundation
Sunny Brook Health Science Centre
winchester District Memorial Hospital

Medical billing software built to streamline operations

Powerful tools to manage your clients

Ditch the paperwork

Streamline client onboarding, account management, rejections and reconciliation. No need for paper billing sheets with the MDBIlling.ca mobile apps. Doctors can enter claims wherever, whenever they want.

Unique billing profiles

Our billing software comes loaded with customizations like simplified time unit calculations. Doctors can create profiles based on these customizations so billing for an anesthesiologist is just as easy as a family doctor.

mdbilling on a laptop

Clear the clutter with modern rejection management

mdbilling on a computer

Track and fix rejections easily

Built-in are reports that allow you to spot errors quickly. Fixing rejections is just as simple. Prefilled forms make submitting RA inquires and manual reviews a sinch.

Spot trends

MDBilling.ca uses an advanced rules-based engine called Clinical Logic. It reduces errors and saves you time by letting you know where you can improve your claims. Using our system we’ve helped groups achieve +15% revenue growth.

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Customer satisfaction

Top-notch security

When privacy is paramount

We have completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA). In addition, all data is stored in a secure Ontario facility. All of this because we believe health information must remain secure.

Enable two factor authentication

Two factor authentication (2FA) requires two pieces of identity before allowing you to sign in to your account. This increases the security of your account. All versions of our software can be configured with 2FA.

Learn more about how we manage privacy and security.

Medical billing app

Our team is always there for you

Mobile phone, stethoscope and chart file on the desktop (mobile medical, handheld doctor concepts)

Fully transparent

Everything you need to get started with MDBilling.ca is included when you sign up. There are no hidden costs or add-ons. Simply sign in and start billing.

Robust support

We have the most extensive online knowledge base (and a 95% satisfaction rating). Included in your account is free technical support and if you have a tricky billing situation we have ad-hoc services to help.


I've been so happy with this software application. The name completion feature for both patients and physicians means that repeat visits in clinics are billed in the blink of an eye.
Mitzi a medical billing agent
-Mitzi, Medical Billing Agent, Toronto
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