Resources For New Doctors

Chapter 6

Resources For New Doctors in Ontario

Ultimate Guide to Medical Billing for New Doctors in Ontario

Here we’ve pulled together a line-up of internal and external resources for medical professionals that will be useful as you navigate your first year.

Assembling Your Team of Advisors

As you build your practice, you may want to lean on the specific expertise of accountants or lawyers when navigating tax decisions, incorporation, and billing audits.

We consulted these professionals for their expert perspectives to write this guide, and would highly recommend their services.

Jonathan Tucker, Healthcare Accountant, J Tucker

(905) 601-5659 x101
[email protected]

Tucker Professional Corporation is a Chartered Accounting practice with offices in Richmond Hill, Hamilton and London, Ontario. Jonathan and his team advise Health Professionals, Independent Health Facilities and Corporate Health Care Providers in Canadian corporate tax, personal tax, wealth planning & accumulation strategies and sales and commodity taxes (GST/HST).

Tahir Saeed, Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation, Saeed & Company

(416) 544-5200
[email protected]

Lonny Rosen, Health Law Specialist, Rosen Sunshine LLP, Health and Regulatory Law

416 572 4901
[email protected]

Rosen Sunshine LLP is a boutique health and regulatory law firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to provide our clients with strategic, practical advice, wise counsel and effective representation with any matter entrusted to us. We aim to provide clients with the highest level of service but to meet our clients’ needs in a cost-effective manner.

Our practice includes all areas of health and regulatory law advocacy and advice.

More Resources for New Doctors

Transitioning into and Managing your Practice


Job Boards for Doctors

Key Organizations

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